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All photos must be supplied loose and clean of any adhesive residue/dirt or we must reject them. Files are numbered sequentially; if you wish them to be scanned in a certain order they need to be supplied to us in that order. By all means batch your photos in packets or boxes.


99c per scan gets you:

  • Photos are scanned at actual physical size at at 600dpi as jpegs

  • Auto-enhanced versions can be supplied at no extra cost

  • The above is all automatic; work on individual  scans by a Photoshop operator is not included - that can be done at extra (quoted cost)

  • Photos/documents scannable sizes: from 9 x 13 cm up to 

  • 21 x 91 cm; larger photos/docs will be quoted separately

  • Maximum photo size: 216 mm x 863 mm

  • If required, both sides of photos can be scanned to capture any notes on the back; such scans will count as 2 scans

  • Your scans are copied on to a Flash Drive or USB External drive supplied by you. NB Flash drives are notorious for failing over time so we recommend an external drive

  • We recommend that you purchase a second drive so that you have a duplicate back-up in case of drive failure or other loss of the original drive – NB we will keep your scans on file for 14 days to give you an opportunity to create your back-up drive

  • File size indication for a print measuring 10 cm x 15 cm:

1 x 600dpi normal scan = 4MB

1 x 600dpi enhanced copy = 5MB scan

So, if you choose both and you have 100 photos = 900MB total


Photo albums

These come in all shapes and sizes, with a variety of methods used for keeping them in place. That means we can’t give you a costs without knowing which particular type of album yours is. Obviously, albums cannot be fed through our individual photo scanner so the cost will be greater for album scans.


We recommend that you remove the photos from albums yourself before giving them to us but you would have to ensure that there was no sticky residue adhering to the back of the photos. It is doubtful that you will need every photo in an album scanned so it makes sense for you to go through an album and take out only those you want scanned (you can use a pencil to mark which goes where, should you desire to put hem back after scanning). In short, chat with us about your requirements and we will be happy to advise the best course of action in your particular case.

Contact us here with any queries or to book your PICS 2 PIXELS service. 

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