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PICS 2 PIXELS is a bulk photo scanning service priced at just 99c a scan*


Why you should have your photos scanned:

  • Save them! You’ll have backups of your prints, preserved for future generations.

  • Save space! Once scanned, you may bin your prints to save storage space.

  • Display them on digital photo frames, computers, TVs, smartphones, tablets, et al.

  • Make slideshows for weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, celebrations, etc.

  • Add them to videos.

  • Easily use them on social media. 

  • Manipulate/enhance them in Photoshop-type programs if wish.

  • Print them anytime you like, and you can ...

  • Avoid sibling strife! Have your parents’ albums scanned so you all have copies of their photos and photo ownership does not become a bone of contention.


NB Save money by sharing the cost of scanning with your siblings/other stakeholders. Documents up to A4 may also be scanned.

* 99c per scan for a minimum of 100 loose photos: for very large numbers of photos contact us for a discount; for scanning from albums contact use for more info.

Contact us here with any queries or to book your PICS 2 PIXELS service. 

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